Questions about Bob

Is Bob a charity?

Bob is neither a charity nor a non-profit. He is simply an opportunity for everyone to experience inclusion in our community. Bob is meant to encourage other people with disabilities to seek paid employment doing something they love and to work to have as full a life as possible.

Is Bob making anyone rich?

Honest truth… not even close. Complete opposite, actually. But we sure do hope in the future he does. Bob is an idea that came from one of John’s drawings and has evolved over the last 2 years. Like most new ideas, money comes from the depths of the pockets, in between all the lint, of everyone who believes in the idea. The ultimate goal is to be able to generate income for John at some point. Right now, Bob is in development and we have a lot road ahead of us before any part of Bob becomes profitable.

Icyy Ink is the official copyright owner of Bob. Any money brought in from Bob is used to create and sell more merchandise and product which allows us to hold community events and activities. Bob has also been known to sponsor some sporting teams and cocktail hours at art galleries.

What is the point of Bob?

Like noted above, Bob is an opportunity to include everyone and anyone in our community. Bob’s sole purpose is to bring happiness and positivity into people’s lives whether it be a Bob-B-Q, wearing a Bob shirt, drinking out of a Bob glass or wearing a holiday Bob tie. Bob creates conversation that in turn helps enhance community.

How has John been involved with Bob?

First and most important, John created Bob during a portrait drawing session at a Warren Art League meeting. We have since taken John’s drawing and used it to create an opportunity to reinforce and support employment goals for John. Bob has helped John expand his working vocabulary,  improve his communication skills and acquire marketing/advertising knowledge. Bob has been used as a tool to maximize John’s social and professional experiences in the community.

Do we take donations?

Not really. Bob’s team is always hard at work on new ideas and products. We put in blood, sweat, tears and our pennies to see if we have a good solid sustainable idea. We do, however, encourage you to purchase Bob products as an investment in our ongoing journey.