Hi! I'm Bob.

I'm currently in development. Please join my family as they continue developing me, make cool products and plan fun events.

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How I Met My Team

February 2, 2017- at a Warren Art League meeting, I arrived. The program for the meeting was portrait drawing. John drew me. John, Sandy and Michelle felt there was something really cool about me. They put me on a navy t-shirt in neon green. John posted a photo wearing me and everyone started falling in love. Then, for John’s birthday dinner they put me on these navy koozies in fun neon colors- pink, green, yellow, blue and orange. They handed me out to so many awesome people. We talked and laughed at this wonderful get together. It was so much fun!

A few months later, they started putting me on other things. Quarter zip sweatshirts, baseball caps… they even made a tie out of a t-shirt with a pattern made of me!! Can you even believe it? Every day they think of so many amazing things to create with me on them!! Just wait… you will see! I couldn’t have asked for a better family!

And the best part yet, I gave John the opportunity to build vocational, communication and social skills in a community setting. We are asking our fans to help us develop and get this project off the ground and in return, you will receive updates, merchandise and the pleasure of cheering up lives and wardrobes of all those whose lives are touched by Bob Designs. Who knew so much would come from one portrait drawing! If you are interested joining us for this adventure, check out our Patreon page.


Some fine print:  ICYY INK is the official copyright owner of Bob and will be developing and testing products and concepts to see if there are others that share our passion for this lifestyle of Bob. We hope to be able to offer opportunities, like John’s, to others in the future.

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It’s kind of a must watch! 🙂

My Headquarters

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